Participación de la profesora Janina León en la “Urban Affairs Association 2022” en Washington DC


El pasado 13 de abril, la Dra. Janina León participó en la Urban Affairs Association 2022, evento que se realizó en Washington DC. El tema que expuso se tituló: “International migration and labor markets in Latin America: issues for a research agenda”.


Recent demographic changes as well as international migration among Latin American countries is reshaping the economic context of most countries in the region. Urban economies are being challenged as South American migrants leaving mostly out of Venezuela into other countries in the region. This paper focuses mostly on labor markets; employment and both formal and no-formal incomes as they are being severely impacted by the massive inflow of unskilled labor in an already precarious small and large economies. This paper asks how these migrant workers are being incorporated into labor markets in the city of Lima; how income is changing, how skilled and unskilled labor is adjusting to the new realities. There has been little understanding of this phenomenon as the City of Lima has mainly cope in the past with internal (rural-urban) migration and not inflow of workers from abroad. Using economic data of income and employment from official databases, this paper will identify trends on these key variables, and will assess how income and employment are affecting general life conditions of the urban population. Our main findings show the existence of dual markets that reinforce patterns already working in local economies. Gender and skill levels are key variables in explaining positive or negative trends in these markets.

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